Hebden Township Historical Data

Hebden Tudor Taxes

The loan book lists assessments on lands and goods. It lists the lord and the steward of each manor and some measure of each man's wealth. It was initiated by Cardinal Wolsey in the reign of Henry VIII. A Commission, issued in March 1522, demanded that every township should supply a muster of all adult males with a notice of each man’s lord or master, together with a detailed assessment of all property and individual wealth. They were used as the basis of loan tax assessments. These were a means of raising revenue whereby the subject "loaned" money to the Treasury (such "loans" were never repaid).

In the case of the 1543 Lay Subsidy Return it is evident that subjects were allocated to a band according to the vaue of their property. The tax liability is also listed.

These Tudor documents are interesting in that they give us the first glimpses of the family names which we see in the township for the next five hundred years. In 1589, the manor was sold to the freeholders via three Trust Lords, Robert Bland, Robert Eshe and William Toppam - the last two family names appearing in the 1522 Loans Tax assessment.

These transcription are based on copies of ones made by Heather Beaumont for the Hebden Local History Group in 1996.

Hebden 1522 Loan Book Assessment

Villa de Hebden

Sir Richard Tempeste Cheiffe lord their, Richard Banaster Stuerd there.

Name Overlord Assessment
William Inman Sir Richard Tempeste 30s.
John Fletcher Sir Richard Tempeste 10s.
John Fletcher thelder Sir Richard Tempeste 10s.
Roger Drake Sir Richard Tempeste 8s.
John Topa(m) Sir Richard Tempeste 20s.
William Mylner Sir Richard Tempeste 20s.
Robert Rathmell Sir Richard Tempeste nil.
Stephen Parte Sir Richard Tempeste 6s 8d
Robert Eshe Sir Richard Tempeste 5s.
Robert Kydde Sir Richard Tempeste 10s.
Thomas Rathmell Sir Richard Tempeste 10s.
Wiliam Stokedale Sir Richard Tempeste 6s 8d.
Robert Whyer Sir Richard Tempeste 6s 8d.
Edwarde Watter Sir Richard Tempeste 36s 8d.

Hebden 1543 Lay Subsidy Assessment

Villat de Hebden

Name Assessment Tax
Robert Heshe 40s 4d
John Inman 40s 4d
John Heshe £4 4d
John Toppam £4 8d
Robert Brashay £4 8d
Robert Toppam £4 8d
John Inman jun £4 8d
Thomas Fletcher 20s 2d
Thomas Stokdale 20s 2d
William Myllnner 20s 2d
Roger Drak 40s 4d
Thomas Rawthmell 20s 2d
John Rawthmell 20s 2d
Robert Kyd 40s. 4d
Thomas Fletcher 20s 2d
Robert Stokdayle 20s 2d
John Fletcher 20s 2d
Henry Water 20s 2d