Hebden Township Historical Data

Extracts from the Arthur Raistrick Collection Catalogue

These are extracts from a catalogue of some of Dr. Raistrick's papers, originally published by North Yorkshire Council in about 2003. They describe details of the individual deeds held in the collection relating to Hebden. There are ten deeds ranging in date from 1609 to 1770. The collection is now in the care of Bradford University.

The extracts are interesting from several points of view. The first extract describes the first known exchange of land in Hebden following the manor being sold to the Trust Lords in 1590. Secondly, they provide names for many pieces of land, which would benefit from further study. Thirdly, they show how the land was drifting away from the local families, together with the associated manorial rights, to "gentlemen" scattered around the county. James Swale, and later his son David, "gentlemen" from Grassington, in particular, were involved in half of the transactions described. The Swale family finished up owning getting on for 10% of the township, and benefited considerably from the mineral royalties paid out in the 1850s and 1860s.

The numbers in the sub-headings are the catalogue numbers of the item.

600. Stockdale to Yonge. 1606

Feoffment from Robert Stockdale of Hebden to William Yonge of Hebden of a selion called Little Gill in the field of Hebden and common pasture according to two shillings rent.

9 June 4 James I (1606)

601. Eshe to Yonge. 1636

Feoffment from Robert Esh of Hebder, husbandman, to John Yonge of Hebden, waller of a piece of meadow and arable in the West Field of Hebden, called Ketterdens.

Dec 1636

602. Younge to Beckett. 1664

Feoffment from Thomas Younge of Wygill Gapp in Hebden, yeoman, Anne Younge his wife and John Younge his son and heir apparent to Thomas Beckett of Hebden, yeoman, and William Beckett his son, of two parcels in West Field in Hebden called Flattlands, a parcel called Ketterdens there, four beastgates in Grassington Old Pasture and ½ an oxgang part of other pastures in Grassington called New Pasture and Lossgill Banke.

28 Nov 1664

603. Yonge to Yonge. 1670

Feoffment from John Young of Wigill Gapp in Hebden, single man, and Thomas Young of the same, his brother, bachelor, of a moiety of a fire-house, barn and closes called Little Close, Great Close, Neither End and Wham, all of which are called Wigill Gapp, a moity of parcels called Calfe Pastures, Load Gill, Little Wigills and Great Wigills and the part of Hebden Pasture belonging. Attached is bond for performance.

23 Mar 1670/1

604. Young to Scott. 1740

Mortgage by lease from William Young of Wigill in Hebden, yeoman and Elizabeth his wife to James Scott of Chiswick, Middlesex, gent, of a farm at Wigill, three barns, closes called Wellclaf Pasture, Farr Claf Pasture with a barn, part of Wham Bottom, Low Claf Pasture, Lade Gill, New Close, Wygill Gapp Close, Wygill Close, Great Close and Little Close and a messuage called Edge End in Hebden and closes called Edge End, Dog Hill, Scarr Top and Birk Bank for 1000 years to secure £400 and interest.

1 May 1740

605. Scott to Swail. 1758

Release and assignment from James Scott of Turnham Green and Thomas Younge of Newbury, Berks, gent, to James Swaill of Grassington, gent, of the above premises, Stephen Peart being trustee for Swaill.

27 Oct 1758

606. Swail to Alcock. 1759

Mortgage by lease from James Swail to John Alcock of the above premises for 200.

1 June 1759

607. Ibbotson to Swaile. 1767

Feoffment from Anthony Ibbotson of Hebden Moorside, tailor, and Robert Ibbotson his son and heir to David Swaile of Grassington, gent, of part of the pastures and commons of Hebden belonging to two shillings ancient rent.

1 June 1767

608. Constantine to Swaile. 1770

Release from John Constantine late of Hebden Hall but now of Appletreewick, yeoman, to David Swaile of Grassington, gent, of a moiety of a close at Hebden Bankside called Wygill of Lynne Close, a dwelling house and barn and pasture according to two shillings rent.

12 May 1770

609. Constantine to Swaile. 1770

Release from Richard Constantine the younger of Hebden, yeoman, to David Swaile of Grassington, gent, of a messuage on Hebden Moor side and closes (field-names).

12 May 1770