Hebden Township Historical Data

Hebden Register Notes

The list of register entries includes those entries in the Linton and Burnsall Parish Registers in which an individual is identified as living in Hebden. Marriages also includes some marriages in other parishes where a licence or banns has identified the bride or groom as coming from Hebden. All entries in the Hebden registers have been included.

This by no means claims to be a complete list for several reasons:

  • Hebden is a township with the parish of Linton, and it was not a requirement that the township be identified in an entry in the register. This was particularly true of marriages. Later register entries tend to be more informative than the older, although there are obvious temporal gaps.
  • Hebden is a long way from the parish church, and it was easier for some to use the parish church in Burnsall. Moreover, Hebden was historically more attached to Burnsall than Linton. However, the Burnsall entries do tend to identify those people living in Hebden and those have been listed.
  • Hebden has had a large non-conformist contingent with their own registers. On March 30 1851 59 people attended service in St. Peter's Church in Hebden, 230 people attended the two services in the Wesleyan Chapel, and 121 attended the two services in the Primitive Methodist Chapel. With a total population of 460 it is likely that many of the non-conformists attended both their services, but it is clear that the nonconformists outnumbered members of the established church. A few early nineteenth non-conformist burial records have been traced and transcribed.