Hebden Township Historical Data

Photographs of the Remnants of the Aerial Ropeway in Hebden

This is a collection of photographs of items of historical interest which may be found in the township of Hebden. I would like to thank Chris Foster in particular for devoting so much of his time and his photographic expertise to the project.

Note: This is work in progress, and there are many items around the township that we are intending to add. However, if you have anything in your house or possession that you would like to share, please let us know. Those old bottles and signs all have their own story to tell.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image. You can see a description of the photograph by hovering your mouse over its image, and a fuller description is displayed as a caption under the larger version of the image. Sometimes the full caption contains a link to a page that displays a Bing map showing the location of the object, and sometimes a link will take you to more information about the item or its context. When displaying a large image, you may go the previous and next images by use of the displayed controls, or using your keyboard arrow keys. Click on the large image or the ESC key to return to the gallery.

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