Hebden Township Historical Data

1796 Trust Lords dues from sale of land

The following is a transcript of a copy of a document held by David Joy, titled "1796 Hebden". The document is a record of the monies distributed to the Trust Lords according to their share of the manorial rights following the sale of about 34 acres of unenclosed land, together with the associated mineral rights, to Willliam Cavendish, the fifth Duke of Devonshire. The land was bounded by Longholme to the south, Hebden Beck to the east, and Tinker's Lane to the west and north. The Duke required this land to construct an adit, the Duke's Level, which was to drain the mines of Yarnbury and Grassington Moor. The Duke had also purchased Hole Bottom Farm about the same time for accommodation for Thomas Bowdin who was to oversee the project, which meant that the Duke owned all the land on the west side of the beck.

Google Earth map showing land purchased by the Duke of Devonshire from the Hebden Trust Lords
Land Purchased by the Duke from the Trust Lords
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The bottom of the document's page appears to be missing on this copy.

The distribution of royalties to the trust lords folowing sale of land

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The first column contains the names of the Trust Lords. Some of the names and associated rental share also appear in the 1859 royalty share. The Duke of Devonshire appears in this column, having bought Hole Bottom with its manorial rights earlier in the year. Hence he received money for selling land to himself! The second column is the share of the manorial rights the trust lord owns. It appears that the bottom of the page is missing. The total value is £27 0s 7d, but other evidence indicates that it should be £28 10s 3½d, confirming that some entries are missing. The third column contains the share of the proceeds of the sale that each trust lord received.

It is not clear what the list of names in the fourth column represents, although it may specify to whom the money was given.

By calculation, it seems that some £382 was distributed, which is the equivalent of about £54,000 today. It was distributed at the rate of £13 5s 8d per £1 of royalty rent. It is likely that the purchase price was £400, with some money of the proceeds being absorbed by expenses.

One noteworthy point about the document is that it refers to "J Birch Innkeeper". It is known that Joseph Birch owned the New Inn, and that the rental sum for it is 1s 6d in the document, and also in the land tax returns. It is one of the first references to what we now know as the Clarendon Inn.

The headings of the columns have been transcribed as given. The totals have been added by the transcriber.

Proprietors named Rental Proportion
of Purchase
Henry Young £5 1s 4d £67 19s 8d £1 Ann Constantine Brown, Stockdale James Rodel
J Constantine Bounty £0 4s 9d £3 3s 7d R Constantine
Thomas Barker £1 4s 3d £16 5s 3d John Lupton
Thomas Brown Esq £0 8s 6d £5 14s 0d Henry Brown Histers
Mr. Peter Brown £1 4s 3d £16 5s 3d Mrs Brown, London
Mr. Swaile £2 2s 9d £28 14s 0d Mr. Swaile
George Grange £0 10s 3d £6 17s 6d Mr. Stockdale
Mr. Chamberlain £2 6s 6d £30 19s 3d Mrs. Chamberlain
Wm Naylor, Leeds £0 14s 1d £9 1s 10d Rev. H. J. Bailey
Francis Bedford £0 5s 8d £3 15s 11d Mr. Malorie
Francis Tennant £1 6s 3d £18 1s 2d Garnshaw Mr. Wilson
Thomas Topham £0 4s 0d £4 0s 6d John Constantine, Late
Allinson Scaife £0 7s 8d £5 2s 10d Mr. Hebden
William Skelton £1 12s 6d £21 16s 0d Mr. Proctor & others
Edmund Fletcher £0 10s 0d £7 12s 6d Mrs. Brown, Otley
John Brown £0 5s 6d £3 13s 7d Ellen Brown, Hebden
John Minikin £0 7s 7d £4 14s 8d Wm. Dawson, Esq. Duke of Devonshire
John Birch £0 1s 6d £1 0s 0d J Birch, Innkeeper
Wm. Dawson Esq £0 5s 0 £3 7s 1d Wm. Dawson, Esq. Duke of Devonshire
Henry(?) Hawkridge £0 12s 0d £8 0s 11d Mrs. Brown, Otley
Wm. Hardisty £0 11s 6d £7 14s 2d Ann Constantine
Trustees Hospital £1 0s 0d £13 8s 4d Trustees
Joseph Lowes £0 1s 0d £0 13s 4d M Wilson, Esq
Thos. Stephenson £0 10s 3d £6 17 6d Mr Stockdale (Supposed)
Anthony Joy £0 5s 0d £3 7s 8d George Joy
Benjamin Shires £0 4s 9d £3 3s 7d John Petty
Christopher Brown £0 0s 7d £0 7s 9d
John Blackoe £0 2s 0d £1 6s 10d John Calvert
Rev R Heber £0 2s 0d £1 6s 10d Mr. Brown (Supposed)
John Bland £0 3s 10d £2 11s 1d Wm Dawson Esq (Supposed)
Robert Bownas £0 12s 4d £8 1s 2d Mrs. Geldard
Richd Sheepshanks £1 4s 8d £16 10s 10d Whalley J Lupton ?
John Whiteley £0 2s 6d £1 13s 6d M Wilson Esq
John Tomlin £0 7s 3d £4 17s 0d George Joy, Wm Dawson
Robert Brown £0 11s 1d £7 8s 10d Mrs Brown, Otley
Duke of Devonshire £1 0s 6d £13 15s 0d Duke of Devonshire
Henry Young £0 7s 0d
Total £27 0s 7d £359 8s 11d