Hebden Township Historical Data

Cemetery Memorial OLD-51-SE

Photograph of the memorial in Hebden Cemetery
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In Memory Of
Joshua Whalley of Keighley late
Hebden who died Feb 18th 1843
in the 77th year of his age.
He lived esteemed and died lamented.
Also of Elizabeth Widow of the above married Joshua Whalley
who died February 27th 1854 in the 76th Year of her Age.
Affliction some time he bore
Physicians were in vain
Till God did please by death to cease
And ease them of their pain

Robert Scaife Owner(?) of Keighley

People commemorated on this memorial

Ref. No. Name Year died Age Dates Notes
OLD-51-SE (1) Whalley, Joshua 1843 76 d. 1843 Spouse of Elizabeth Whalley. In 1803 was a blacksmith, probably in Hebden
OLD-51-SE (2) Whalley, Elizabeth 1854 75 d. 27/02/1854 Spouse of Joshua Whalley, née Bartholomew


This memorial is a large recumbent sandstone slab, and is the oldest surviving grave marker in the churchyard, Joshua Whalley's being the second burial.

We know that Joshua Whalley married Elizabeth Bartholomew in Linton in 1802, when he was working as a blacksmith - presumably in Hebden, and that he was the tenant of the New Inn between 1810 and 1814. We also know that he owned a considerable amount of property in Hebden, including Scar Top House and 24 acres, which his wife inherited on his death, which helps to explain the substantial nature of the memorial. At the time of the 1841 census they were living in Keighley, when he declared his occupation as a "mechanic". Elizabeth died in 1854 and was buried with her husband.

The last line on the memorial refers to Robert Scaife, a maltster from Keighley, who was probably responsible for the arrangements. Robert married Ellen Whalley, possibly Joshua's grand-daughter, later in 1843. One of their sons was called Joshua Whalley Scaife.

The wording on the memorial is a little idiosyncratic.