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Cemetery Memorial OLD-26-S

Photograph of the memorial in Hebden Cemetery
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People commemorated on this memorial

Ref. No. Name Year died Age Dates Notes
OLD-26-S (1) Dawson, George Father of Lewis Dawson 1851-1907
OLD-26-S (2) Dawson, Lewis 1883 - 25 Sept 1915 (CPGW entry)
OLD-26-S (3) Dawson, Jane Sister of George Dawson 1848 - 29 Dec 1929


This memorial was put up by Violet Dawson, once of High Dene, in memory of her father, George, her brother, Lewis, and her aunt, Jane.

Jane Dawson moved to Hebden in 1906 to take up the role of head teacher at the school. At the time the daughter of her brother George was living with her. Violet was to remain Jane's companion until Jane died in 1929, which was when the memorial was erected. Violet continued to live at High Dene until shortly before her death in 1973. She became an assistant teacher at the school in about 1914, a post she held until at least 1950.

George died in Hebden at the age of 57, in 1907 and was buried in St. Peter's. His main address at the time was 12 Lascelles Rd, Leeds, so it is possible he came to stay with his sister when he became ill.

The memorial inscription relating to Lewis Dawson (born 1883) is a little misleading, as his rank was actually sergeant rather than major. The mists of time between his death and the erection of the memorial probably accounts for the discrepancy. He was in the Kings Own Scottish Borderers, and was killed on the first day of the Battle of Loos on 25th September 1915, on the day when 650 men out of the 697 in his battalion who took part in the attack failed to answer the role call in the evening. (ref. 1) He is buried in the Zouave Valley Cemetery, Souchez. There is further information on the CPGW website.

Lewis Dawson's grave in Zouave Valley Cemetery
Lewis Dawson's grave in Zouave Valley Cemetery
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Over time, the memorial fell into a state of disrepair, and was renovated by the family in 2018.

The inscription on the Dawson memorial in Hebden church yard
Photograph: Craven’s Part in the Great War website
Memorial to members of the Dawson family in Hebden churchyard, before it was restored in 2018
Photograph: Craven’s Part in the Great War

1 Hughes, Peter, 2015. Visiting the Fallen: Arras: North. Pen & Swords Books Ltd., Barnsley