Hebden Township Historical Data

Hebden Manorial Rights Holders in 1857

Manorial rights were held by the Lord of the Manor, and could include rights to mines and some minerals, and sporting rights such as hunting, shooting and fishing. Hebden Manor was sold in 1589 to three trustees, who were able to exercise the manorial rights, and hence were known as "trust lords". The manorial tenants were then able to purchase their cottages, surrounding croft, and land strips, from the trust lords, becoming freeholders in the process. It is likely that shares of the manorial rights were also included in the sales.

At the time of the Hebden Moor enclosure in 1857 the owners of the manorial rights had to prove their title, and the following holders were recorded. The bar-masters, or agents for the manorial rights, were Edward Armstrong of Grassington, and Mr. William Hawley of Hebden. This was just a few months after the Hebden Moor Mining Company had agreed a lease on the township's mineral rights with the bar-masters. The following information came from B.J. Harker's 1869 book Rambles in Upper Wharfedale, page 159, although when in brackets, the residence was gleaned from elsewhere.

Name Residence Value
Chadwick, William Arksey House, Doncaster £4 15s 11d
Linton Hospital Trustees £1 0s 0d
Chamberlain, Rev. T.F. (Rufford, Lancashire) £3 4s 1½d
Stockdale, William Skipton £2 9s 2¾d
Swale, Rev. H.J. (Settle) £2 2s 9d
Lupton, John (trustees) £1 19s 1¼d
Laycock , William (trustees) £1 17s 4d
Hebden, Jonathan Grassington £1 8s 7½d
Devonshire, Duke of (Chatsworth, Derbyshire) £1 0s 6d
Wensleyan Chapel £0 0s 1d
Wensley, Robert (Hebden) £0 0s 2¼d