Hebden Township Historical Data

Robert Ibbotson's Hebden Bequests

This is a transcript of a transcript of all or part of Robert Ibbotson's last will and testament made in 1723 shortly before his death. The original transcript is held by the Trustees of Beckett's and Ibbotson's Charity, and it was probably made around 1890 when the Charity Commission were considering the organisation of the charities. The transcriber indicates that the transcription is an extract of the original document, implying that it is a partial transcript.

Ibbotson's will includes two charitable bequests relevant to Hebden. The first bequest was for £4 to be distributed to four poor widowers or widows once a year. This bequest is currently managed by the Becket and Ibbotson Charity. The second was established to help fund the apprenticeship of young persons, preferably an Ibbotson. This is managed by the Robert Ibbotson for Institute and Apprenticing Charity.

In the name of God Amen, I Robert Ibbotson of Skierthorns (sic) & late of Hebden in the Parish of Linton & County of York, yeoman being in a weak disposition of health but of sound and perfect memory thanks be to almighty God for the same do make and ordain this my present Last Will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say)

Item I give devise and bequeath all my message house barns stables and other edifices and buildings whatsoever and all my lands of inheritance and Tenements whatsoever with all their rights members and appurtinances (sic) which are situate standing and being and lying within the Town Township fields and Territories of Hebden unto Henry Ibbotson of Threshfield for and during the term of his natural life and after his deseace (sic) to his hairs (sic) male lawfully begotten or to be begotten and for want of such heirs male to the right heirs male being an Ibbotson both by name and blood and in case there cannot be found an heirs male both by blood and by name of Ibbotson then to the name of Ibbotson only for ever him them and every one of them and their heirs male which shall occupy and inherit the premises aforementioned my will and mind is that him them and every of them shall pay or cause to be paid out of the above said Estate unto the Churchwardens and Overseers of the said Town of Hebden for the time being yearly and every year for ever the sum of Two pounds and the same to be by them equally divided amongst four of the poorest widowers or widows within the Township of Hebden aforesaid and the same to be dealt or given unto to the said widowers or widows at or upon the first day of November yearly and every year for ever at my said message house aforesaid and shall likewise pay or cause to be paid unto the Church Wardens and Overseers of Grassington for the time being yearly and every year for ever the further sum of Two pounds of good and lawful money of Great Brittain (sic) to be given and divided unto four of the poorest widowers and widows within the Township of Grassington aforesaid and the same to be given & distributed equally at or upon the same day and place as is before expressed and for nonpayment in case default shall happen to be made by the occupier or owners of the premises before mentioned of the before mentioned sums to the Churchwardens & Overseers of Hebden and Grassington aforesaid in such manner and at such days and times as is above mentioned that then my will and mind is that the Churchwardens and Overseers both of Hebden and Grassington or of either Town wherein such default shall be made shall and may enter into all or any of the sade (sic) premises and make distress for the afore mentioned sums or areas (sic) which may be behind or unpaid at the day and times above said and the distresses so taken to aprize and sell returning the overpaid to the owner or occupier of the said premises.

And whereas Thomas Carlisle of Hetton in the Parish of Burnsall and County aforesaid my brother in law is indebted unto me the sum of One hundred and Twenty Pounds for which I have security by one mortgage deed bearing date the twentieth August anno 1715 as will appear (recourse thereunto being had) upon or out of part of his lands at Hetton aforesaid which said mortgage or the said hundred and Twenty Pounds due thereupon together with all such interest as may be then due for the same at my disease and what interest may afterwards grow due until the said sum of one hundred and Twenty Pounds be all paid and discharged I do assign give and dispose thereof and all other bills and bonds that are found to be anywise to me belonging unto Peter Pulman Senr. of Skirethornes (sic) and to his heirs executors administrators and assigns as a friend in trust for the payment of those legacies bequests hereafter mentioned and expressed (that is to say) my will and mine that the interest or income of Forty Pounds of the above shall go and be bestowed towards the putting out one apprentice every year male or female within Parish of Linton provided that he or she shall be an Ibbotson and especially of the name and blood of that name within the said Parish and if none be found of that name within the said Parish than to any other poor boy or girl within the Township of Hebden first and secondly within the Township of Grassington year for year and the same to continue for ever.

Dated 3rd October 1723. Signed Robert Ibbotson.

Witnessed "John Alcock" "Wm. X Darwen his mark" "Jeremiah X Stockdale his mark"

The will from which the above are extracts was proved in the exchequer Court of the York 14th October 1723 by the Oath of Peter Pulman the sole executor therein named to whom Probate was granted he having been first sworn duty to administer.

Willian Hudson, Joseph Buckle. Deputy Registrars