Hebden Township Historical Data

Thomas Hammond's Estate Sale

Thomas Francis Hammond of Angle House died in 1934, leaving his fifth wife, Annie Elizabeth (née Beadle), a widow. Thomas Hammond and his father, Francis, had been extremely successful, and between them had purchased and redeveloped a sizeable portion of the centre of Hebden, including Bank View cottages, the lower part of Chapel Lane from Laburnam Cottage round to Angle House, Green Terrace, and the three properties on Rose Bank. He also owned Rose Bank Farm, which his father had farmed. It is believed that Hammond disposed of the Green Terrace properties in his lifetime - the Post Office was certainly sold to Wilfred Waddilove in 1931.

After Hammond died, Annie Elizabeth moved to Harrogate, where in 1939 she was living in a hotel and supporting herself by "private means".

The remaining part of the estate was not sold until 23rd of June 1952. Annie Elizabeth had died in the previous December, but her estate was just £421, so it appears that she may have been left just a life interest in the estate, and that the estate had reverted back to the family on her death. The vendors were James Batty and Frank Tattersall. Francis Lester Tattersall was Thomas Hammond's nephew, being the son of Christopher Tattersall, who had married Thomas Hammond's sister, Sarah Hannah. Both Christopher and Sarah Hannah are commemorated on Thomas Hammond's memorial in the churchyard.

The following sales catalogue for the disposal of the estate is in the care of Alan Stockdale.

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