Hebden Township Historical Data

Grimwith Mining Company Map

This map was produced in 1863 as part of the Grimwith Mining Company share prospectus. A 21-year lease for the mineral rights on 3,000 acres in the Grimwith area was signed in 1862, and in 1863 the Directors of the company, one of whom was John Armitstead Herd (1828-1868) of Hebden, tried to raise £40,000 in share capital to exploit the veins that were known to cross the area. It wasn't a successful share issue as after the first year just 13% had been taken up. Nor was it a successful venture, and the company was wound up in 1878. From 1868 the company's Mining Agent was William Hawley of Hebden (1839-1910), who had been one of the first miners to be employed by the company.

In the company accounts, it is noted that in 1872 Ralph Bowdin of Hebden was paid "£2 6s 4d for powder and candles".

This map, in the safe-keeping of Arthur Stockdale, is a rare survivor from the sales prospectus of that share offering. Its particular relevance to Hebden is that shows the lead veins crossing the Hebden liberty which were then being successfully exploited by the Hebden Moor Mining Company.

The first incarnation of Grimwith Reservoir is marked on the map. This was started in 1856 and completed in 1864, so was still in the process of construction at the time of this document.

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