Hebden Township Historical Data

Extracts from West Riding Registry of Deeds

These are extracts from the West Riding Registry of Deeds which covers the period from 1704 to 1970, stored in Wakefield. The transcriptions were originally made in about 2004 by Heather Beaumont. They consist of two sections. The first is an extract from a place index, which reliably covers the period from 1704 to about 1787. Sixty-one entries relating to Hebden have been transcribed up to 1751. The second section contain transcripts of "memorials", which are contemporaneous summaries of the deeds, relating to Hebden. These go up to 1764. The memorials have a reference number which relates to the volume in which the deed appears; the page in the volume; and the number of entry. These should allow the originals to be readily found.

Note that certain deeds, such as tenancy agreements lasting less than 20 years, were not eligible for registration. Also, only deeds for land which was freehold could be registered.

The format of the transcribed memorials is not known, but they were handwritten, and difficult to read. There are certainly some questions marks and ellipses in the transcriptions. It is also likely that some of the abbreviations (such as "G'ston" and initials rather than names which have already been spelled out in full) are those of the transcriber. It is not known whether the capitalization of names was on the original.

It is almost certain that some errors have been introduced when transcribing from the original records, and when transcribing for this web page.

This data is useful in a number of obvious ways. It show the names and occupations of the people living in Hebden before the arrival of the census; it shows how Hebden land was being bought by people living outside the township; and it shows how the Manorial Royaly Rents were sometimes specifically incluidec in the sale. These are normally shewn as "a.r.r." or "r.r", abbreviated from "ancient royalty rent". It also shows how much a land-holding was scattered around the original Medieval fields - West Field to the west of the village, East Field to the south-east, and Overends on the north. It seems from the wording on some of the deeds that maps may have originally included.

The transcriptions are not complete for the period, and should be considered to be a subset of those available. There are, for example, transcriptions for only 10 of the 61 of the deeds appearing in the transcribed part of the index.

References to Hebden in Place Index

Volume / Part Book Page Number Date Personnel
Vol. I / I A 32 58 1705 Mathias Bland - Robert Topham
Vol. I / I A 35 63 1705 Mathias Bland - Peter Stead
Vol. I / I C 382 635 1710 Thomas & Ann Berkoff - Francis Tennant
Vol. I / I E 127 176 1712 John Gill - Richard Bayne
Vol. I / II E 478 694 1712 Thomas Simpson - Margareth Sheepshanke
Vol. I / II D 68 120 1711 Peter Stead - Martha Ward
Vol. I / II A 321 489 1708 Henry Bernard & William Topham - Edward Bernard
Vol. I / II E 37 392 1712 Tennant - Ibbotson
Vol. I / II E 203 296 1712 William Copham - Christopher Smith
Vol. I / II F 41 55 1712 Leonard Tennant - James Stott
Vol. I / II F 43 57 1712 Jonathon Young - Richard Carr
Vol. I / II G 500 615 1714 Francis Tennant - Tennant
Vol. I / II H 37 51 1713 William Young - Peter Watkinson
Vol. II M 303 417 1717 Stephan Brown - Robert Topham
Vol. III Q 460 610 1721 Henry Barnard-Wilson - Smith
Vol. III S 247 343 1723 John Barker & Lawrence Allanson - Thomas Duffield
Vol. III R 199 317 1722 Richard Bayne - John Gill, Ramsclose
Vol. III R 52 79 1722 Jonathan - Richard Constantine
Vol. III R 530 715 1722 John Gill - Joshua Hardisty, Ramsclose
Vol. III U 598 775 1725 Ibbotson - Leyland
Vol. III L 460 610 1717? Henry Barnard & Christopher Smith - Nathanial Wilson
Vol. III T 212 286 1723 Thomas Simpson - George Stainforth
Vol. III AA 337 437 1729 Ambrose - Mary Smith
Vol. III P 333 435 1723? William & Thomas Verity - Christopher Iveson
Vol. IV CC 649 861 1731 Henry Ibbotson - Josiah Ingdale
Vol. IV CC 160 224 1730 Josiah Morley - Cooke
Vol. IV CC 609 811 1731 Richard Tennant - William Batty
Vol. IV DD 422 563 1731 William Verity - Thomas, William & Richard Constine
Vol. IV EE 412 605 1732 John Leyland & Jon Ibbitson - Will Ibbitson & Robert
Vol. IV EE 412 605 1732 John Leyland - Browne
Vol. IV EE 658 959 1733 Andrew Tomlinson - John Brown
Vol. IV FF 10 15 1733 Richard - Matthew Tennant
Vol. IV FF 268 375 1733 Mary - Robert Topham
Vol. IV FF 712 1023 1734 Richard Sheepshank - Jeremiah Hargreaves
Vol. V II 69 86 1736 John Barker sen & jun - Furnio
Vol. V GG 628 876 1735 Jeremiah Hargraves - John Alcock
Vol. V HH 481 609 1735 Thomas Rathmell - William Rushworth
Vol. V GG 265 364 1734 William Verity & Lund - Richard Constantin
Vol. V GG 266 366 1734 William Verity & Lund - John Pickersgill
Vol. V GG 267 368 1734 William Verity & Lund - Richard Constantine
Vol. VI KK 42 54 William Young - Christopher Yeates
Vol. VI KK 100 119 Elias ? - John Robinson
Vol. VI NN 747 1077 Joshua Hardisty - trustee
Vol. VI NN 441 787 Thomas Rathmell - Jonathon Cotton
Vol. VI OO 15 22 Robert Topham - William Young
Vol. VI OO 16 23 William Young - James Stott
Vol. VI NN 705 1016 Richard Tennant - Richard Batty
Vol. VI NN 707 1020 William Brown Sen - Junior
Vol. VII XX 38 49 Jonathon Colton - Crofton
Vol. VII QQ 690 910 Thos Grange & Michael Minikin - Robert Topham
Vol. VII WW 220 297 James Morley - Richard Constantine
Vol. VII XX 384 9 Thomas Rathmell - Crofton
Vol. VII SS 449 600 1744 Robert Wray last will
Vol. VII SS 451 603 George Wrea - James Morley
Vol. VII WW 220 297 George Wrea - Constantine
Vol. VII PP 244 343 Martha Button last will
Vol. VII RR 30 393 Mary Bland & Henry Marshall - Francis Blackeo
Vol. VIII AE 557 719 1751 John Worth - John Nanson
Vol. VIII AE 619 827 1750 Francis Blackee - Ridley
Vol. VIII AD 243 318 1750 R. Tennant - William Mann
Vol. VIII XX 411 535 1748 Henry Dugdale - Dynley

Transcripts from Hebden Deeds held at Wakefield

1721: Barnard to Wilson

Ref: Q-460-610 - Barnard to Wilson

4.11.1721 between HENRY BARNARD of York, gent and CHRISTOPHER SMITH of York 1st pt and NATHANIAL WILSON and FRANCIS BOLTON both of York, wine cooper 2nd pt, being tripartite re messuages and lands late of the estate of WILLIAM TOPHAM eldest son and heir of WILLIAM TOPHAM of Hebden.

1722: Barstowe to Barstowe

Ref: 8-137-185 - Barstowe to Barstowe

21.2.1722 between WILLIAM & MARGARET BARSTOWE of Leeds, late MARGARET STOCKDALE of Grassington grandchild of PETER LUPTON 1st pt and JEREMIAH BARSTOWE of Leeds re house and land not named.

1722: Bayne to Gill

Ref: R-199-317 - Bayne to Gill

26.6.1722 between RICHARD BAYNE of York 1st pt and JOHN GILL of RAMSCLOSE and HIGHFIELD in which the Mansion Dwelling House stands, of 9 acres CALFE HOUSE CLOSE of 4 acres a LITTLE CLOSE of 9 acres. 2s.6d rent

1722: Gill to Hardisty

Ref: R-530-715 - Gill to Hardisty

1.10.1722 between JOHN GILL of RAMSCLOSE and JOSHUA HARDISTY of Knaresborough, flax merchant re LAITHE CLOSE of 9 acres. 2s.6d AS ABOVE

1723: Simpson to Stainforth

Ref: T-212-286 - Simpson to Stainforth

1723 between THOMAS SIMPSON formerly of Hebden Moorside but now of MIDDLESMOOR, 1st pt, and GEORGE STAINFORTH of HARTLINGTON MOOR, for £140 one close called THE LOW of 1.5a, and the BROW with barn of 3a and BENTS CLOSE of 4a and FARRSIDE with barn and FARR BENTS CLOSE with barn and ROUGH CLOSE of 1 rood and lying on the HAWSE in the east field, of 1a and SCOUGH BANK of 0.5r 11s.8d a.r.

1723: Smith to Smith

Ref: AA-337-437 - Smith to Smith

13.6.1729 between AMBROSE SMITH of York and MARY SMITH widow of York all lands etc now in the occuppation of ROBERT RATHMELL

1735: William Verity to Richard Constantine

Ref: GG-267-368 - William Verity to Richard Constantine

1st September 1735 (eighth year of the reign of George II) between WILLIAM VERITY the elder of Hebden, yeoman, 1st pt, and RICHARD CONSTANTINE the oldest of Hebden, yeoman, 2nd pt. Whereas WILLIAM BECKETT (BERKET) in 1692 sold to William Verity and Richard Constantine all that end close commonly called ACRES & BRAKENBURGS of 6 acres one parcel called the BENTS of 1/2 acre, one other called WOLT'S CLOSE of 2 acres, one close called HARDHILL with 1 barn of 2 acres, one parcel called SKENGH BANK of 3 roods, all of which said premises being in Hebden EAST FIELD. And also 3 parcels of land called SARRBANKS of 1 acre. 2 parcels called NARRBANKS of 3 roods all in Hebden WEST FIELD and 2 parts of one WATER CORN MILL called Hebden Mill. The above pieces of ground now called ACRES and BRACKENBERGS BENIS WELLS CLOSE, HARDHILL, NOSELANDS, BARROW and SKOUGH BANKS all of which are in Hebden EAST FIELD

1748: Dugdale to Dyneley

Ref: XX-411-535 - Dugdale to Dyneley

18.4.1748 between HENRY DUGDALE lately a soldier in one of the horseguards by now a lieutenant in Colonel Warburton's regiment of foot and which said HENRY is now at Hebden, 1st pt, and MARGARET DYNELEY of Skipton widow, 2nd pt. re MDH called CROOKBANK being within GARNSHAW with 2 barns and one close called CROOKBANK CLOSE now in the tenure of JOHN RIDLEY and MILLSTONE CLOSES and new intakes and the WYETHS and KNOTTY DALES and 3 parcels in Westfield called OUR LANDS, FLATT CLOSE & the BANKS & one other in Westfield called the CROSS and HEDDERDEN land and FLATTS land in Westfield and BANK Land and CRAWTHORNE in Westfield & 7.5 sheepgates in G'ton New Pastucre all are now in the occupation of JOSIAH DUGDALE father of HENRY, of about 40a.

Note: Henry Dugdale was probably the son of Josias Dugdale, a yeoman of Hebden. Henry was baptised in 1725. Colonel Warburton was Hugh Warburton (1695–1771) who at the time was commanding the 48th Foot Regiment. He finished his career as General with the 27th Foot.

1750: Marshal to Ridley

Ref: AC-619-827 - Marshal to Ridley

4.5.1750 between HENRY MARSHALL of G'ton,yeoman & FRANCIS BLACKOE of G'ton, yeoman, 1st pt, and WILLIAM RIDLEY of Hebden, and JAMES GUY of G'ton Blacksmith 2nd pt, and WILLIAM RIDLEY, 3rd pt, re MDH where JOSEPH BIRCH lives, with barn etc garden on the backside of the said house and one Grass Garth and one croft called COMMAN GARTH & NEWCLOSE & GATELAND & GATELAND HEAD & TEWITT MIRE freehold, 6s.8d a.r.

Note: "Francis Blackoe" was probably Francis Blackah who was married in Linton Church in 1728.

1750: Tennant to Fawkes

Ref: AD-242-317 - Tennant to Fawkes

7.12.1750 between RICHARD TENNANT the elder of HEBDEN, yeoman, 1st pt, and THOMAS FAWKES of Farnley, 2nd pt. mdh called GREEN HOUSE with 2 barns, garden on south side, a croft on west end. One piece of land called WHEAT CROFT adjoining THOMAS RATHMELL & THOMAS TOPHAM on south and north and HELEING(?) CROFT adj HENRY BLAND on south & north also WHIP CLOSE with barn at east end and land in common field or in the BYLANEDALE called GALESLAND adj on the east and west the late MATTHIAS BLAND also NEW CLOSE & DEEDS CLOSE or KIDD CLOSE & STONE CLOSE & HOLLED ACRE and all stinted pasture within G'ton Old Pasture, G'ton New Pasture and LOSSGILL bank enclosed or taken up hereafter to be enclosed or taken up as by the rate of Oxgangs within G'ton doth or shall appertain or belong to one whole oxgang within the sd pastures within G'ton or Lossgill and all the lands and grounds commonly known as RAINGELANDS being in the East Field, of 6a, and one pt of land called the CROOKS in the west field, of 2a.

1750: Batty to Mann

Ref: AD-243-318 - Batty to Mann

7.12.1750 between WILLIAM BATTY of Thorpe, gent, 1st pt, and RICHARD TENNANT the elder of Hebden, yeoman, 2nd pt, THOMAS FAWKES of Farnley 3rd pt, HENRY TENNANT of Carleton, clerk and WILLIAM MANN of Farnley, 4th pt. re MDH called GREEN HOUSE with garden on south croft at west and WHEAT CROFT.

1750: Alcock to Anson

Ref: AE-557-719 - Alcock to Anson

20.7.1751 JOHN ALCOCK clerk of Burnsall, 1st pt & JOHN ANSON of Skipton, yeoman re land called KNOWLES formerly belonging to ROBERT RATHMELL also PICCUPS(PITTU/RorS/PS) CLOSE belonging to ROBERT MAUGHAM

1751: Ibbotson to Young

Ref: AE-597-774 - Ibbotson to Young

7.8.1751 between WILLIAM & ELIZABETH IBBOTSON late of Hartlington Moorside, yeoman, 1st pt & THOMAS YOUNG of MIERSHAW in Hebden, yeoman, 2nd pt re land with 1 barn adj to the RAKES BENT CLOSE adj to the RAKES on the WEST GREAT HAWS of 1a between THOMAS SIMPSON on the west & WILLIAM BROWN on the east. PRIEST BITT of 0.5a between JOHN LEYLAND on west & JOHN BARKER on east. EAST BENTS DALE of la with JOHN LEYLAND on east, ROBERT MAUGHAM on the west

1751: Ibbotson to Ibbotson

Ref: AE-596-773 - Ibbotson to Ibbotson

27.8.1751 between WILLIAM & ELIZABETH IBBOTSON, 1st pt & ANTHONY IBBOTSON, taylor, of Linton 2nd pt re MDH adj at west ANDREW TOMLINS barn called HIGH CLOSE of land lying on the west of ANDREW TOMLINS and on the east of THOMAS SIMPSON a parcel of land called LEYLAND CLOSE la and lying at east of A.TOM and west of J.LEYLAND called LONG CLOSE & LOW CLOSE of 3a & 5s ar.

1752: Hanson to Tennant

Ref: AF-575-778 - Hanson to Tennant

20.9.1752 between JOHN HANSON of SKIPTON, yeoman, 1st pt, and JAMES TENNANT of BURNSALL, merchant, 2nd pt, re closes called KNOWLES in Hebden and formerly in the tenure of ROBERT RATHMELL and PICCUPS CLOSE formerly in the tenure of ROBERT MAUGHAM

1753: Minikin to Tennant

Ref: AG-461-601 - Minikin to Tennant

12.3.1753 between MICHAEL MINIKIN of Heden leadore miner, 1st pt and THOMAS TENNANT of Skipton re MDH, 1 shop 1 barn etc.

1754: Dugdale to Iveson

Ref: AL-546-703 - Dugdale to Iveson

26.8.1754 between HENRY DUGDALE devisee of the last will & test of CHRISTOPHER IVESON late of Hebden, yeoman deceased, 1st pt and JOSIAS DUGDALE of Middlesex, 2nd pt re MDH where RALPH ROBINSON lives with barns etc and closes called CROOK BANK, MILLSTONES, INTAKES, WYETHS, KNOTTY DALES BANK & FLATTS in Hebden & G'ton.

1756: Tennant to Rathmell

Ref: AM-131-174 - Tennant to Rathmell

26.4.1756 between WILLIAM TENNANT of Hebden, yeuman, 1st pt & THOMAS RATHMELL of Hebden, eoman, 2nd pt re close called MYERS CLOSE of 6a adj lands of THOMAS RATHMELL and barn called TOWN BARN in possession of RICHARD TENNANT.

1756: Rathmell to Fawkes

Ref: AM-131-175 - Rathmell to Fawkes

26.4.1756 between THOMAS RATHMELL of Helden, yeoman, AYSCOUGH FAWKES of Farnley WILLIAM CROFTON of Leeds, THOMAS ROBINSON of Hellifield, WILLIAM MANN re property CALF GARTH 1/16th of Hebden Moor, LONG CROFT in West field, Hebden between the grong of RICHARD TENNANT on the north & WILLIAM TENNANT on the south and all that called BARN CLOSE, ROUGH CLOSE & HIGH CLOSE of 5a being at GARNSHEY or GARNSHAW 4d a.r. in Garnshaw WEYTHERTHORN or called NEW DYKE in the west field between the grounds of HENRY BROWN on the east and the Ring Fence on the west, also FLATTLANDS called LYTHFLATT or LYTHLATT adj R.C. on the north of 2a between R.C. on the west and WILLIAM VERITY on the east also LONG & SHORT LEATHOUSES of LEALHOUSE or LATHOUSE and arable meadow called CROWTHORNS of 3r + in the westfield between JOHN BARKER on the east, THOMAS RATHMELL on the west WILLIAM TENNANT on the north & R.C.on the south of la called MYERLANDS, CROOKLANDS & ALMS RIDDING + EDGE CLOSE with WILLIAM VERITY on the west, JOHN BROWN on the east & Hebden pasture north and south in the east field between THOMAS RATHMELL & R.C. on the north and west, WILLIAM YOUNG on the east and south called RAYCLOUTES or RETLOCKS divided into 3 and called COW PASTURE, WELL CLOSE & RETLOCKS & LITTLE GILLS of la adj RETLOCKS & pasture equal to 2s ar. + in east field called RAYCLOUTES or RETCLOCKS or BENT CLOSE between R.C. on south THOMAS SIMPSON on north of la all these pieces of land of the greater part of them are now fenced around and made into enclosures and are now in several occupations of ROBERT LAYLAND & THOMAS RATHMELL. all these being 16a and 16a r.r.

1756: Tennant to Ridley

Ref: AM-584-762 - Tennant to Ridley

18.8.1756 between WILLIAM TENNANT of GARNSHAW, 1st pt and WILLIAM RIDLEY of Hebden re close called LAITHOUSE of 1.5a

1756: Robinson to Rathmell

Ref: AM-584-763 - Robinson to Rathmell

18.8.1756 the release being quadrupartite and between THOMAS ROBINSON of Nesfield Tannot(?), 1st pt, THOMAS RATHMELL of Hebden, 2nd pt, WILLIAM BROWN of Hebden, yeoman, 3rd pt, JOHN BROWN of Hebden, yeoman, 4th pt re land called EDGE CLOSE of la and barn which adj JOHN BROWN to the north and south and R.C. to the south

1756: Dugdale to Alcock

Ref: AM-587-767 - Dugdale to Alcock

18.8.1756 between JOSIAS DUGDALE, 1st pt, JOHN & HENRY ALCOCK of Skipton and PETER BROWN of London, 3rd pt, re FLATTS CLOSE & BANK CLOSE of 2.5a

1757: Batty to Metcalfe

Ref: AN-523-703 - Batty to Metcalfe

19.4.1757 between THOMAS BATTY of Hartlington, yeoman, gt grandson and heir of WILLIAM TOPHAM late of Hart, 1st pt and THOMAS METCALF of North Cote nr Malham

1757: Robinson to Rathmell

Ref: AO-405-526 - Robinson to Rathmell

20th August 1757 between JOHN ROBINSON of Ilkley, gent, 1st pt, ANN FURSMITH of Hebden and executor of ELIAS FURSMITH late husband deceased, 2nd pt, and THOMAS RATHMELL of Hebden, yeoman, 3rd pt, in respect of 4 closes, SAITH CLOSE with one barn, WELL CLOSE, GREAT CLOSE and STARR CLOSE BROW all of 6 acres, late of THOMAS BECKETT on the south and Hebden Beck on the west and ground called STARR CLOSE on the north. Ancient rent of 2s.6d.

1758: Constantine to Chamberlaine

Ref: AQ-56-85 - Constantine to Chamberlaine

11th May 1758 between HENRY CONSTANTINE of Hebden sadler and MARY CHAMBERLAINE of Settle, widow re all that house with 1 barn, 1 stable and 1 turfhouse, 1 garden 1 calf garth also the several closes or parcels of land, 1 close called SOW CLOSE of 7 acres another close called SYTH FLATT with a barn, of 2 acres, one other close called BANK CLOSE of 4 acres, 2 other closes called CROWTHORNS of 1/2 acce also £1.5s.3d a.r.r. in Hebden. Witnessed by HENRY C., JOHN & THOMAS LUPTON

1758: Leyland to Rathmell

Ref: AQ-27-37 - Leyland to Rathmell

24th and 25th March 1758 between ANN LEYLAND of Grassington, late wife of JOHN CONSTANTINE of Hebden deceased MARY CONSTANTINE of Hebden widow of RICHARD CONSTANTINE also deceased son of JOHN C. and HENRY C, of Hebden, sadler, 1st pt, and THOMAS RATHMELL of Hebdea yeoman, 2nd pt, and the lease made between HENRY C. and THOMAS R, one close called RAYMERSLAND STEEL lying in Hebden, of 1 acre. Witnessed by JOHN BARKER of Hebden etc.

1758: Wrathall to Dean

Ref: AP-523-663 - Wrathall to Dean

12th May 1758 between HENRY WRATHALL of Hebden, cordwainer, 1st pt, and ANTHONY DEAN of Linton, Gent, 2nd pt, one dwelling where HENRY W. now dwells also 2 barns, 1 stable, 1I shop with oth outbuildings with 4 closes lying together called STARR CLOSES of 3,5 acres other closes called SYKES of 1.5 acres pieces of ground in an open field called OVERING LANDS of 3 roods one other called FLATTLANDS with a bank adjoining, of l acre. Witnessed etc. Thomlinson to Brown

1758: Tomlinson to Brown

Ref: AP-514-653 - Tomlinson to Brown

6th June 1758 between MARGARET TOMLINSON of Hebden, WILLIAM RIDLEY of Hebden, widow, lat pt, WILLIAM BROWN of Grassington, in respect of that dwelling house wherein JOSEPH BIRCH dwelt with a barn, stable, turfhouse, 1 garden, grazing garth also one croft called the COMMON GARTH and NEWCROFT, 2 fields called GATESAND and GATESAND HEAD another called TEWITMIRE. 6s.8d a.r. Witnessed by FRANCIS CONSTATINE of G'ton THOMAS BROWN of G'ton, etc.

1758: Constantine to Constantine

Ref: AQ-56-84 - Constantine to Constantine

10th April 1758 between HENRY CONSTANTINE of Hebden, sadler eldest son and heir of RICHARD CONSTANTINE deceased, 1st pt, and MARY CONSTANTINE of...the other re aoo that known as SMITH'S HOUSE with one turfehouse, I garden I calf barn and 1 croft called DOGGARTH of 1 rood are in possession of WILLIAM SORO (?) and JOHN CARRACK as tennants to HENRY C. and also the little parlour and chamber over it in H.C.'s house. Witnessed by JOHN C. of G'ton, yeoman and JOHN & THOMAS LUPTON of Linton

Rathmell to Alcock

Ref: AQ-29-43 - Rathmell to Alcock

2nd June 1758 between THOMAS RATHMELL of Hebden, yeoman, 1st pt, and JOHN ALCOCK, 2nd pt, that close called RAYMERLAND STEEL in Hebden of 1 acre. Witnessed by MICHAEL LAMBERT of Linton RICHARD THOMPSON of Bumsall etc.

Leyland to Leyland

Ref: R-694-930 - Leyland to Leyland

11th to 12th May 1759 between JOHN LEYLAND of Skyram, yeoman. 1st pt, and THOMAS LEYLAND of Ripon, whitesmith brother re house at WEST YEATE and 6 closes of arable meadow all together called West Yeate in the tenure of WILLIAM HALLAM etc

Drake to Hawkridge

Ref: AQ-584-713 - Drake to Hawkridge

7th & 8th June 1759 between MARMADUKE DRAKE the younger of Seegate of Kirkby, yeoman, JAMES HODGSON of Bordley Moor of Burnsall, yeoman JOHN STONE of Kettlewell, yeoman, ROBERT HODGSON of G'ton, yeoman and MARMADUKE DRAKE the elder and ANN his wife of Bordley, 1st pt, and JOHN HAWKRIDGE of G'ton, apothecary, Zad pt, re that house standing upon close called the SONE of about 1.5 acres. also that close called the BROW with a barn of 3 acres also BENTS CLOSE of 4 acres a close called the FARRSIDE with a barn of 3 acres and FARR BENT CLOSE with a barn of 2 acres and ROUGH CLOSE of 1 rood, 2 little PENDS or parcels of land lying on the HAWES in the EAST FIELD in Hebden of 1.5 acres a 1 little parcel of ground called the STRONGBANK of 1/2 rood all on HEBDEN EAST FIELD and also so much of that enclosed and stinted pasture of Hebden and the commons and outmoors thereof as doth appertain and belong unto £0.11s..8d a.r.r. Witnessed by JOHN ALCOCK & WILLIAM WEST of Skipton, CHRISTOPHER DENT of Kettlewell and ELLEN HODGSON of Bordley.

Constantine to Lupton

Ref: AQ-482-622 - Constantine to Lupton

11th January 1759 between JONATHON CONSTANTINE of Hebden, Feltmonger, 1st pt, and JOHN LUPTON of Linton all that little close called the PARROCK with houses and buildings on land called BRACAN HILL. of 1.5 acres also HIGH CLOSE of 5.5 acres and 30.4s.0d. a.r.r. in Hebden in occupation of J. CONSTANTINE. Witnessed by JAMES SWAIL of G'ton, Innholder, HENRY CONSTANTINE of Hebden, sadler, and THOMAS LUPTON of Linton. Executors J. CONSTANTINE and JAMES PALEY of Linton the younger.

Swail to Alcock

Ref: AR-709-944 - Swail to Alcock

1st June 1759 between JAMES SWAIL of G'ton, gent,1st pt, STEPHEN PEART of G'ton, gent, 2nd pt and JOHN ALCOCK of Skipton gent, 3rd pt, re dwellings at WYGILL in possession of MARGARET YOUNG and 3 barns and 3 closes called WELL EAST PASTURE for calf pasture with a barn therein and part of WHAM BOTTOM of 6 acres and the 3 closes called SOW CALF PASTURE SADGILL NEW CLOSE lying together of 5 acres with 1 close called WYGILL LEYS of 1 acre 2 roods and 2 closes called WYGILL GAP CLOSE WYGILL CLOSE of 15 acres and 2 closes called GREAT & LITTLE CLOSE with a barn formerly appertaining to WILLIAM FLETCHER with 5s.0d a.r. All these dwellings at a place called EDGEND where WILLIAM YOUNG did dwell with a barn, turfhouse and littlehouse with 2 garths, another close called DOGHILL of 1 acre which William Young bought of ROBERT TOPHAM. 8s.1/2d a.r. Altogether called STARR TOP & BIRK BANK totalling 15 acres in tenure of William Young. Witnessed by JOHN BUNBY of Rilston, butcher MARGARET DOMAINE of Gton spinster etc.

Tennant to Sheepshanks

Ref: AR-670-896 - Tennant to Sheepshanks

1st to 2nd July 1759 between JOHN TENNANT Neward Castle, Cumberland, and heir at law to JAMES TENNANT late of Bumsall, 1st pt, ANN TENNANT of Bucasall widoe, 2nd pt, RICHARD SHEEPSHANKS formerly of Linton but now of ANTIGUA, merchant, 3rd pt, 4 closes KNOWLES in the tenure of ROBERT RAMILL and 1 close called PICCUPS CLOSE in the tenure of ROBERT MANHAM. Witnessed by John Stackhouse of Burton in Lonsdale and MATTHEW KNOWES of Burnsall.

Constantine to Skelton

Ref: AT-102-131 - Constantine to Skelton

23rd & 24th March 1760 between HENRY CONSTANTINE of Hebden, sadler and ANN LEYLAND of G'ton and MARY CONSTANTINE of Hebden, widow 1st part and WILLIAM SKELTON of Leeds, gent, 2nd pt; 2 parcels of land called OVEREND LEYS or LANDS in Hebden WEST FIELD of 2 acres adjoining hands of William Skelton to the north east and west and one parcel in Hebden EAST FIELDS called STRED LAND and also all that parcel of land being betwixt the River Wharfe and the said fields last mentioned commonly called SOPPBANK or SEABANK all of 3.5 acres. Witnessed by STEHPEN KITCHING of Helden etc

Furnish to Skelton

Ref: AT-101-132 - Furnish to Skelton

4th & 5th April 1760 between ANN FURNISH of Hebden, widow and wife of late ELIAS FURNISH STEPHEN FURNISH of Aldgate, distiller, eldest son of Elias, 1st pt, and WILLIAM SKELTON of Leeds, gent, re the east end of dwelling with a milk house, a little garden and 4 closes of arable meadow with a barn called LAITH CLOSE WELL CLOSE GREAT CLOSE & STARR CLOSE BROW all commonly called STARR CLOSES in the late occupation of JOHN NUTTER with £0.2s.0d a.r. out of the Manor of Hebden and a proportional share of the said manor and lordship of Hebden and of the moor and common pasture according to the computation stint of 2s.6d a.r. together with all and singular part and parts share and shares of Manors Rights Liberties Royalties Franchises Immunities Mines Minerals Mosses Pastares Feedings Moors Commons Wastes Common of Pasture and Turbary Ways Paths Passages Waters Watercourses Liberties Profits Privileges Advantages Emolomments Hereditaments and Appertenantes to the sais Teanaments Hereditaments lands and premises belonging or in anywise appertaining or therewithall now or commonly demised used occupied or enjoyed or accepted reputed had taken or known as part of or member thereof. Witnessed WILLIAM & THOMAS BROWN of G'ton.

Constantine to Lupton

Ref: AT-409-526 - Constantine to Lupton

13.12.1760 between HENRY CONSTANTINE of Hebden, sadler, 1st pt and JOHN LUPTON of Linton, yeoman, 2nd pt re MDH LOW CLOSE of 4a, BANK CLOSE 3a, LYTH FLATT with barn 2a and 11 falls(?) 2 closes called CROWTHORNS of 0.5a Witnessed by JAMES SWAIL & THOS LUPTON.

Constantine to Stephensen

Ref: AT-528-682 - Constantine to Stephensen

5.2.1761 between H.C. and THOMAS STEPHENSON of Otley, leather cucrier, 2nd pt re Mdh called SMITH'S HOUSE and turfhouse, stable etc and DOG GARTH, LITTLE GARTH all new owned by MELCALL(?) ROBINSON, MARY CONSTANTINE widow, mother of H.C.

Ward to Rorkliffe

Ref: AT-595-771 - Ward to Rorkliffe

28.2.1761 between RICHARD WARD of GREENHOW hill, miner, 1st pt and CHRISTOPHER RORKLIFFE of Azenby, gent, 2nd pt, LANCELOT RAINFORTH of Dishforth, yeoman, 3rd pt re MDH where H.C. lives, with barns etc with LOW CLOSE of 4a, BANK CLOSE of 3a LYTH FLATT & barn of 2a 11 falls and CROWTHORNS of 0.5a and 14s.10d a.r.r. within Hebden and the PARROCK and DH on the BRACKEN GILL 1.5a + 4s a.r.r. all of which used to be or now are in the tenure of H. and Jon C.

Topham to Minikin

Ref: AU-169-230 - Topham to Minikin

14.6.1761 between ROBERT TOPHAM of Hebden, yeoman, 1st pt and JOHN MINIKIN of Hebden Moorside, husbandman, 2nd pt re MDH wherein THOMAS PEACOCK lives being at HOLESBOTTOM and 1 turfhouse adj one close behind of 3a. Witnessed by WILLIAM BROWN of Hebden and THOMAS BROWN of G'ton.

Topham to Minikin

Ref: AU-170-231 - Topham to Minikin

14.5.1761 A memorial of a deed poll of ROBERT TOPHAM of Hebden whereby he appoints HENRY MINIKIN, THOMAS MINIKIN, JUDITH MINIKIN and ANN MINIKIN children of MICHAEL MINIKIN of Hebden and JOHN son of JOHN of Hebden Moorside to have the sum of £50 of lawfull money of Great Britain paid to them equally £30 each, out of all the MDH wherein THOMAS PEACOCK lives. Witnessed by HENRY & WILLIAM BROWN of Hebden.

Ridley to Ridley

Ref: AU-201-276 - Ridley to Ridley

22.5.1761 between WILLIAM RIDLEY of Hebden, Innholder, 1st pt and JOHN RIDLEY of Linton, yeoman, 2nd pt re MDH belonging to W.R. and barns etc in the tenure of W.R. and JOSEPH BIRCH & MDH of ROBERT MORLANDS and 5 closes of arable meadow of 8a all being in Hebden

Proctor to Ridley

Ref: AU-540-682 - Proctor to Ridley

4.9.61 between RICHARD PROCTOR of Bordley, yeoman, 1st pt and WILLIAM RIDLEY of Hebden, yeoman, 2nd pt, JOHN ALCOCK 3rd pt, re all that close called LAITH HOUSE CLOSE of 1.5a and 1s a.r. or common in Hebden pasture equal to 1s., 2 parcels of land called RETTERDEN lands and BANK lands lying one at the end of the other and between the lands of JOSHUA DUGDALE called RETTERDEN late IBBOTSONS on the one side and the lands of HENRY BROWN on the other.

Dean to Stephenson

Ref: AU-540-683 - Dean to Stephenson

49.1761 between ANTHONY DEAN of Linton, gent, 1st pt and THOMAS STEPHENSON of Otley carrier, 2nd re MDH where HENRY RATHMELL lately dwelt, 2 barns, 1 stable, 1 shop with other outbuildings and 4 closes lying together, STARR CLOSE of 3.5a, SYKES 1.5a, 2 pieces of land in OVERING lands of 3a, FLATT lands with a bank adj of la together with houses outhouses, buildings orchards, gardens, lands, meadows, commons, common of pastures and turbary heaths, moors, mosses, wastes, waste grounds, woods, underwoods, ways, paths, waters, watercourses, fishing ponds, mines, etc. Witnessed by ELIZABETH DEAN spinster


Ref: AW-150-181 - RATHMELL to HEWITT

27.1.1762 Between JOHN RATHMELL of Linton, yeoman, son & heir of THOMAS RATHMELL late of Hebden, 1st pt, and JOHN LEYLAND of Normangton 2nd pt, JOHN ALCOCK 1st pt, JOHN HEWITT of Linton re MDH where THOMAS RATHMELL lately dwelt & WILLIAM HUDSON does 1 little croft, barn, garth, garden, outhouse, stable and several closes called the LAITHOUSE, MYER lands LAITHFLATT, CRAWTHORNS & NEW DIKE in Hebden and 12s r.r. & MYERS CLOSE & TOWN BARN purchased by T.R. deceased of WILLIAM TENNANT late of Hebden, witnessed RICHARD SHEEPSHANKS & WILLIAM ALCOCK.

Fawkes to Rathmell

Ref: AW-152-184 - Fawkes to Rathmell

27.1.1762 between AYSCOUGH FAWKES of Farnley esq. 1st pt, and JOHN RATHMELL of Hebden 2nd pt, and WILLIAM MANN of Otley & JOHN ALCOCK re MDH where THOMAS RATHMELL late did dwell called LAITHOUSE, LAITH close etc same as 181 above plus LITTLE GILLS, RETLARKS with barn HIGH RETLARKS & WELLS close pastures & BENT close of 26a & 16s r.r.

Rathmell to Stephenson

Ref: AW-330-423 - Rathmell to Stephenson

24.3.1762 between HENRY RATHMELL formerly of Hebden but now of Horseforth, cardwainer, 1st pt, THOMAS STEPHENSON of Otley, cpurier, 2nd pt, THOMAS SKOTHER of Esholt. re MDH of H.RATHMELL & 2 barns, 1 stable, a shop, 4 closes, STARR close, 1.5a, 2 pieces of ground called OVERING land of 3 roods & FLATLANDS with a bank of la.

Tennant to Tennant

Ref: AW-552-729 - Tennant to Tennant

3.6.1762 between WILLIAM TENNANT of GARNSHAW yeoman 1st pt, and JOHN TENNANT of GARNSHORE, tallow chandler, son of above, re CHANDLER'S SHOP being at the west end of W.T.'s barn also 1 ... ... building consisting of 1 dwelling house, 1 stable and outhouse, sufficient (comement) room for manure & 12 sq yds on the backside and chandlers shop. One close called HALLAM'S being at GARNSHAW witnessed by ELLEN ROBINSON of GARNSHAW spinster & JOHN LUPTON.

Tennant to Tennant

Ref: AW-553-730 - Tennant to Tennant

3.6.1762 between JOHN TENNANT of GARNSHORE, tallow chandler and soap boyler, 1st pt, and GEORGE TENNANT of GARNSHORE, lead ore miner, 2nd pt, re chandler's shop at west end of TENNANT'S barn also one new ...etted building of 1 dwelling house, 1 stable and turfhouse with room for manure and ashes ... then as above HALLAMS CLOSE HEAD. Witnessed by ELLEN ROBINSON.

Tennant to Tennant

Ref: AW-553-731 - Tennant to Tennant

3.6.1762 between WILLIAM TENNANT & FRANCIS TENNANT eldest son & heir re MDH where W. & J.T. dwell and 1 barn, stable with chamber over, 1 turfhouse or swinecoat, 1 close called the WYTHES of 2a and LOW close of 2a and lower pt of HALLAM'S CLOSE of 21 and OVERENDS close of la one pt of lands in Hebden Field called OVERENDS of 2 mods adj upon lands of late THOMAS RATHMELL on the west and WILLIAM SKELTON'S on the east, one pt of land called FLATT land of 2 roods, 1 pt of RETTERDALES of 2 roods, 1 pt of LONG RETTERDALES of 3r, 1 pt of STRAIGHT RETTERDALES of 1r. JOHN BARKER'S late called RETTERDALES of 2r, pt of the BANKS of la and 5s 4d a.r.r. all at GARSHAW 1 close called NEWDYKE with bam of 2a & 2r, being in a certain ... called the COMMON WYTHES of la, close called WYTHES otherwise G'TON FIELD close with barn together with the UPPER-END of the same of 4a and STRAIGHT WYTHES with a slated barn LONGLANDS adj Straight Wythes 0.5a, WILLOW BUSK of 0.5a, 9 beast or cattle gates, 3 sheepgates or herbage pasture gate and feeding for 15 sheep. Same witnesses.

Thomas to Sturgess

Ref: AW-571-1756 - Thomas to Sturgess

5.6.1762 between JOHN TOMLINSON of Bedale tallow chandler eldest son of ANDREW late of KNOT GREEN in Hebden, yeoman, 1st pt and THOMAS STURGESS of Scabed Newton(?) yeoman, 2nd pt, all that barn & layth in Hebden formerly in the possession of WILLIAM HIDE and rent of 3s.6d, 1/8th part, 1/16th part, 1/22nd pt of Soyle Ground, waiste or common and moor of Hebden called HEBDEN MOOR of the Royalties of the Manor or Lordship of Hebden into 26 parts, 3 parts of 1 pt, the 8th pt of one pt and 5d rent to be divided and also ground lying near the said barn called HIGH CLOSE & other close near said baru called LOW CLOSE both of 3a.

Rathmell to Rathmell

Ref: AU-695-884 - Rathmell to Rathmell

25.6.1762 between WILLIAM RATHMELL of Brighouse, yeoman, 1st pt and THOMAS RATHMELL the younger of G'ton, yeoman, 2nd pt re MDH known as STARR CLOSE, the EVERENDS, the EVERENDS HEAD, the WITHES foot, the BANKS close ,the FLATT land, the BANK land and the CALF garth or whatever other name and in the tenure of T.R.

Holmes to Hollings

Ref: AW-643-865 - Holmes to Hollings

30.7.1762 between ANN HOLMES of Burnsall widow of WILLIAM H. 1st pt, and JOSEPHI HOLLINGS of Cottingley ... share pastures with Hebden.

Ridley to Graham

Ref: AX-263-3 - Ridley to Graham

6.12.1762 between JOHN RIDLEY of GARNSHAW, yeoman and WILLIAM RIDLEY, miner, 1st pt and JOHN GRAHAM of Hebden, Innholder. The release being in 5 parts JOHN RIDLEY 1st pt, WILLIAM & ELIZABETH RIDLEY, 2nd pt, JAMES & MARGARET GUY of G'ton, 3rd pt, WILLIAM & ELEANOR TENNANT of Garnshaw, yeoman, 4th pt and JOHN GRAHAM 5th pt. re property at Hebden where J.G. lives with barn to west and stable to south and house belonging to WILLIAM RIDLEY and outhouses and COMMON GARTH of 1.5r + GATELAND & GATELAND HEAD of 3r & TEWITT MIRE 2a & 1r + LAITHOUSE CLOSE of 1.5a + 1s rent of pasture + GRASS GARTH.

Alcock to Ridley

Ref: AX-264-321 - Alcock to Ridley

6.12.1762 between JOHN ALCOCK, 1st pt and JOHN RIDLEY of GARNSHAW, 2nd pt, WILLIAM RIDLEY of Hebden, miner, 3rd pt, JOHN GRAHAM, 4th pt and WILLIAM WOOD of Pateley Bridge, tallow chandler 5th pt re property where WILLIAM RIDLEY lately lived with barns etc LAITH HOUSE CLOSE of 1.5a 1s rent or common pasture in Hebden + GRASS GARTH, COMMON GARTH, GATELAND, GATELAND HEAD, TEWITT MIRE inhabited by JOHN GRAHAM common of 1r.