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The following is a transcript of an obituary of Thomas Francis Hammond (1845-1934) published in the Craven Herald on Friday, May 18th 1934.

A Hebden Worthy
Death of Mr. Thomas Hammond.

Noteworthy for his lengthy connection with local administration work, and for his even longer association with Methodism in Upper Wharfedale, Mr. Thomas Francis Hammond died at his residence, Angle House, Hebden, yesterday (Thursday) week. He was 88 years of age.

Mr. Hammond was a native of Hebden, and son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hammond. His father was a farmer and also carried out a small grocer's shop in the village. Mr. T.F. Hammond carried on the business on the death of his father, and was actively associated with it for 70 years. He held the contract for the supply of provisions to the canteen at Barden during the erection of the Bradford Corporation reservoir there. These supplies were transported from Hebden across cart tracks to the side of the reservoir, carts and pack-horses chiefly being employed.

Mr. Hammond, with the exception of a dangerous illness at the age of 40, enjoyed good health throughout his long life. He represented the township of Hebden as a member of the Skipton Rural District Council from 1910 until his death, and served also on the Skipton Board of Guardians until it was abolished under the Local Government Act in 1930. Often, in favourable weather, Mr. Hammond made the eleven mile journey from Hebden to Skipton on foot. He walked a great many more miles, however, on his visits to Methodist churches in the district as a local preacher, an office he held for over 60 years. He was known in all the non-conformist pulpits in the upper dale, and he regarded as light the task of walking 30 miles on a sabbath to fulfill preaching commitments in one or more Methodist churches

Mr. Hammond succeeded Mr. Mathew John Shipley as the Rural Council representative for Hebden, and in discharging his duties of this office, he brought to bear a profound knowledge of Dales parishes. He was deeply versed in the parochial history of Hebden itself, and much new light was cast on the history of the township by a series of articles he contributed to the Craven Herald a few years ago.

Mr. Hammond was five times married, the last occasion being on August 26 1931, his bride being Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Beadle also of Hebden.

The interment took place on Monday at St. Peter's Church Hebden, and in the absence of the Rev. J.F. Etchelle, the Rev. G.H. Lees officiated.


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