Hebden Township Historical Data

Hebden Census 1911

The 1911 Census was the eighth of the current series, and took place on 1st April 1911. In addition to recording the same details as the 1901 census, the census also recorded the number of children born alive in the household's marriage, the number of children surviving, and the number of children who have died. These details may be seen by hovering over the wife's marital status. The recorded population was 225 in 64 households.

There is one page per household in the Hebden census returns, with the addresses of each household being recorded on a separate schedule. The first two digits of the reference number gives the household identity, and the second two digits give the entry number for the household. The table can be sorted by any of the columns, although children younger than 1 screw up the Age column. To sort by one column within another, e.g. order by age within occupation, first click on the heading of the secondary sort column (age), followed by the heading of the primary sort column (occupation).

Ref. No. Address Name Relationship Status Age Yrs married Sex Occupation & Notes Born
0101 Brook Street Beaumont, Benjamin Head Married 56 33 M Grocer Cheshire, Birkenhead
0102 Brook Street Beaumont, M G Wife Married 55 33 F Yorkshire, Atofts
0103 Brook Street Beaumont, Fred Son Single 23 M Gardener Yorkshire, Hebden
0104 Brook Street Beaumont, Benjamin Son Single 16 M Apprentice carpenter Yorkshire, Hebden
0201 Brook Street Hargreaves, Thomas Head Married 34 4 M Farm labourer Yorkshire, Hebden
0202 Brook Street Hargreaves, Mary Alice Wife Married 25 4 F Yorkshire, Burnsall
0301 Brook Street Longthorn, William Metcalfe Head Married 54 31 M Labourer on roads, Skipton Rural Yorkshire, Greenhow Hill
0302 Brook Street Longthorn, Sarah Wife Married 52 31 F Yorkshire, Burnsall
0303 Brook Street Longthorn, Sam Son Single 23 M Farm labourer on dairy farm Yorkshire, Burnsall
0304 Brook Street Longthorn, William Metcalfe Son Single 21 M Farm labourer on dairy farm Yorkshire, Burnsall
0305 Brook Street Longthorn, Fred Son Single 17 M Grocer's assistant Yorkshire, Hebden
0306 Brook Street Longthorn, Lily Daughter Single 15 F Yorkshire, Hebden
0307 Brook Street Longthorn, Sarah Daughter 13 F School Yorkshire, Hebden
0308 Brook Street Longthorn, Herbert Son 11 M School Yorkshire, Hebden
0309 Brook Street Longthorn, Jessie Daughter 10 F School Yorkshire, Hebden
0401 Brook Street Horner, Louisa Head Widow 49 6 F Laundress Yorkshire, Appletreewick
0402 Brook Street Horner, Richard Son 13 M School Yorkshire, Otterburn
0403 Brook Street Wrathall, Ellen Sister Single 53 F Housekeeper Yorkshire, Appletreewick
0501 Brook Street Worsley, Thomas Head Single 71 M Labourer Yorkshire, Hebden
0502 Brook Street Worsley, Francis Brother Single 67 M Labourer Yorkshire, Hebden
0503 Brook Street Worsley, Hammond Brother Single 66 M Labourer Yorkshire, Grassington
0504 Brook Street Worsley, Elizabeth Sister Single 64 F Housekeeper Yorkshire, Hebden
0601 Brook Street Davies, John Head Married 36 19 M Coal miner hewer Denbighshire, Cerrigydrudion
0602 Brook Street Davies, Harriet Wife Married 37 19 F Yorkshire, Appletreewick
0701 Brook Street Lund, Elizabeth Head Widow 73 50 F Retired farmer Yorkshire, Ingleton
0801 Brook Street Waddilove, Thomas Francis Head Married 42 19 M Labourer Yorkshire, Hebden
0802 Brook Street Waddilove, Mary Wife Married 39 19 F Yorkshire, Hebden
0803 Brook Street Waddilove, Edward Son Single 17 M Labourer at Bradford Corporation reservoir Yorkshire, Hebden
0804 Brook Street Waddilove, Joseph Worsley Son Single 15 M Assistant grocer Yorkshire, Hebden
0805 Brook Street Waddilove, Ellen Daughter 12 F School Yorkshire, Hebden
0806 Brook Street Waddilove, Wilfred Son 9 M School Yorkshire, Hebden
0807 Brook Street Waddilove, Robert Son 7 M School Yorkshire, Hebden
0901 Brook Street Hargraves, Francis Head Widower 74 M Labourer - mason's Yorkshire, Hebden
1001 Hole Bottom Joy, Anthony Head Single 31 M Farmer Yorkshire, Linton
1002 Hole Bottom Joy, David Uncle Widower 83 M Retired farmer Yorkshire, Linton
1003 Hole Bottom Joy, Elizabeth Servant Single 32 F Domestic servant Yorkshire, Linton
1101 High Garnshaw Joy, Richard Head Married 32 7 M Dairy farmer Yorkshire, Hebden
1102 High Garnshaw Joy, Lydia Wife Married 41 7 F Yorkshire, Hebden
1103 High Garnshaw Joy, Richard Son 4 M Yorkshire, Hebden
1201 Garnshaw Worsley, Nixon Head Married 46 18 M Grazier Yorkshire, Hebden
1202 Garnshaw Worsley, Betsy Wife Married 44 18 F Yorkshire, Hebden
1203 Garnshaw Worsley, Beatrice Daughter Single 18 F Farmer's daughter, dairy work Yorkshire, Hebden
1204 Garnshaw Worsley, Thomas S Son Single 16 M Farmer's son working on farm Yorkshire, Hebden
1205 Garnshaw Worsley, Hannah M Daughter 13 F School Yorkshire, Hebden
1206 Garnshaw Worsley, Joseph H Son 12 M School Yorkshire, Hebden
1207 Garnshaw Worsley, Florence Daughter 10 F School Yorkshire, Hebden
1208 Garnshaw Worsley, Betsy Daughter 7 F School Yorkshire, Hebden
1209 Garnshaw Worsley, Orlando P Son 5 M School Yorkshire, Hebden
1301 Pickering End Walton, Fred Head Single 33 M Farmer, grazier Yorkshire, Hartlington
1302 Pickering End Walton, Margaret Sister Single 23 F Dairy maid Yorkshire, Hebden
1401 Stockdale, Thomas Head Single 30 M Grocer, corn & coal merchant Yorkshire, Hebden
1402 Stockdale, Arthur Brother Single 26 M Grocer, corn & coal merchant Yorkshire, Hebden
1403 Stockdale, Annie Sister Single 33 F Housekeeper Yorkshire, Hebden
1404 Steel, Lavinia Visitor Single 27 F Dressmaker Yorkshire, Darley
1501 Hargreaves, Robert Head Married 61 36 M Farmer & Bar proprietor Yorkshire, Hebden
1502 Hargreaves, Ellen Wife Married 52 36 F Assisting in business Yorkshire, Hebden
1503 Hargreaves, Minnie Daughter Single 26 F Confectionery Yorkshire, Hebden
1504 Hargreaves, Jane Daughter Single 24 F Dairy work (?) Yorkshire, Hebden
1505 Hargreaves, Joseph Son Single 22 M Bus driver Yorkshire, Hebden
1506 Worsley, Sarah Jane Visitor Single 50 F Colour weaver (?) (Sister-in-law) Yorkshire, Hebden
1601 Clarendon Hotel Townson, William H Head Married 38 5 M Farmer & Hotel keeper Yorkshire, Hebden
1602 Clarendon Hotel Townson, Martha Wife Married 40 5 F Assisting in business Yorkshire, Hebden
1603 Clarendon Hotel Townson, William Edgar Son 3 M Yorkshire, Hebden
1604 Clarendon Hotel Townson, Edward Son 3 M Yorkshire, Hebden
1605 Clarendon Hotel Quale, Jane Servant Single 16 F General servant domestic Lancashire, Askam
1701 East View Joy, Mary Head Widow 63 F General worker Co. Durham, Thorpe
1801 Joy, Sabina Head Single 77 F Grocer Yorkshire, Hartlington
1901 Town Hill Whitehead, Mary Head Widow 59 F Yorkshire, Bewerley, Pateley Bridge
1902 Town Hill Whitehead, Clara Daughter Single 28 F Yorkshire, Bewerley, Pateley Bridge
1903 Town Hill Whitehead, Ada Daughter Single 21 F Yorkshire, Bewerley, Pateley Bridge
2001 Chapel Lane Worsley, Joseph Head Married 62 40 M General carrier Yorkshire, Hebden
2002 Chapel Lane Worsley, Martha Wife Widow 60 40 F Yorkshire, Hebden
2101 Hill Top Whitehead, Arthur Head Married 26 1 M Carter for grocer Yorkshire, Bewerley, Pateley Bridge
2102 Hill Top Whitehead, Lizzie Wife Married 20 1 F Yorkshire, Hebden
2103 Hill Top Worsley, Joseph Boarder 1 M 'Illegitimate' crossed out
2201 Mount Pleasant Bowdin, Henry Head Married 39 10 M Farmer Yorkshire, Arncliffe
2202 Mount Pleasant Bowdin, Alice Mary Wife Married 34 10 F Yorkshire, Hebden
2203 Mount Pleasant Bowdin, Fred Son 9 M School Yorkshire, Hebden
2204 Mount Pleasant Bowdin, William Son 8 M School Yorkshire, Hebden
2205 Mount Pleasant Bowdin, Ralph Son 6 M School Yorkshire, Hebden
2206 Mount Pleasant Bowdin, Henry Son 2 M Yorkshire, Hebden
2301 Town Hill Hebden, Ann Head Widow 81 F Yorkshire, Stalling Busk
2302 Town Hill Fawcett, Alice Graddaughter Single 20 F Yorkshire, Muker
2401 Town Hill Robinson, Eliza Mother Widow 69 7 F Lincolnshire, Louth
2402 Town Hill Weatherhead, Eliza Ann Head Widow 41 14 F Charing or washing Lincolnshire, Louth
2403 Town Hill Weatherhead, George William Son 14 M School Yorkshire, Burnsall
2501 Town Hill Bowdin, Daniel Head Widow 75 M Farmer Yorkshire, Hartlington
2502 Town Hill Bowdin, Daniel Son Single 41 M Farmer Yorkshire, Hartlington
2503 Town Hill Fawcett, Elizabeth Ann Housekeeper Single 31 F Housekeeper Yorkshire, Muker
2601 High Dene Dawson, Jane Head Single 62 F Certificated Head School Teacher, WRCC Yorkshire, Leeds
2602 High Dene Dawson, Violet Niece Single 22 F Music teacher Yorkshire, Leeds
2701 Bank Top Bowdin, Henry Head Married 40 5 M Farmer Yorkshire, Hartlington
2702 Bank Top Bowdin, Elizabeth Wife Married 33 5 F Yorkshire, Hebden
2703 Bank Top Bowdin, Beatrice Mary Daughter 9 mo F Yorkshire, Hebden
2704 Bank Top Whitehead, Eddy Servant Single 23 M Farm labourer Yorkshire, Greenhow Hill
2801 Lone House Wallace, Preston Frank Head Married 33 8 M Farmer Yorkshire, Yarnbury
2802 Lone House Wallace, Phoebe Wife Married 30 8 F Yorkshire, Greenhow Hill
2803 Lone House Wallace, Frank Marson Son 11 mo M Yorkshire, Blubberhouses
2804 Lone House Wallace, Preston John Father Widower 67 M Shepherd Yorkshire, Conistone, Throstle Nest
2901 Lone House Farm Rodwell, David Head Widower 87 M O A Pension Yorkshire, Hartlington
2902 Lone House Farm Rodwell, Lot Son Single 44 M Farmer Yorkshire, Burnsall
2903 Lone House Farm Bowdin, Thomas Son-in-law Married 40 M Working on farm Yorkshire, Hartlington
2904 Lone House Farm Bowdin, Nancy Daughter Married 42 F Housekeeper Yorkshire, Bordley
2905 Lone House Farm Rodwell, Mary Ann Daughter Widow 55 F Yorkshire, Hartlington
2906 Lone House Farm Rodwell, Maud Granddaughter Single 19 F Yorkshire, Hartlington
2907 Lone House Farm Gatus, Hylas Hill Single 38 M General labourer on farm Yorkshire, Allerston
3001 Coppergill Whitehead, William Head Married 32 2 M Farmer Yorkshire, Greenhow Hill
3002 Coppergill Whitehead, Mary Ann Wife Married 21 2 F Yorkshire, Greenhow Hill
3003 Coppergill Whitehead, William Son 4 mo M Yorkshire, Hebden
3101 New Fold Knowles, Henry Head Married 43 15 M Dairy farmer Yorkshire, Arncliffe
3102 New Fold Knowles, Hannah Wife Married 39 15 F Yorkshire, Hebden
3103 New Fold Knowles, Blanche Daughter 14 F School Yorkshire, Arncliffe
3104 New Fold Knowles, Bayne Hammond Son 13 M School Yorkshire, Arncliffe
3105 New Fold Knowles, Frank Henry Son 12 M School Yorkshire, Gargrave
3106 New Fold Knowles, Rose Elizabeth Daughter 11 F School Yorkshire, Arncliffe
3107 New Fold Knowles, Edgar Wilson Son 8 M School Yorkshire, Arncliffe
3108 New Fold Knowles, Reginald Moore Son 6 M School Yorkshire, Arncliffe
3109 New Fold Hawkins, Richard Servant Single 26 M Cowman on dairy farm Yorkshire, Horsehouse
3201 Rose Bank, New Fold Johnson, Amy Head Widow 64 40 F Yorkshire, Grassington
3202 Rose Bank, New Fold Johnson, Martha Alice Daughter Single 34 F Dressmaker Yorkshire, Eastby
3301 Moor View, New Fold Tomlinson, Robert Head Married 27 6 M Labourer with Skipton RDC Lancashire, Kellet
3302 Moor View, New Fold Tomlinson, Matilda Wife Married 30 6 F Yorkshire, Hebden
3303 Moor View, New Fold Tomlinson, Violet Alizon Daughter 9 mo F Yorkshire, Hebden
3401 Fern Dene, Green Terrace Tempest, Grace Head Widow 63 F Private means Yorkshire, Oxenhope
3501 Green Terrace Tattersall, Thomas Francis Hammond Head Married 33 10 M Grocer and draper Yorkshire, Hebden
3502 Green Terrace Tattersall, Jane Annie Wife Married 30 10 F Assisting in the business Yorkshire, Hebden
3503 Green Terrace Tattersall, Mary Daughter 9 F School Yorkshire, Hebden
3504 Green Terrace Tattersall, Charles Son 5 M Yorkshire, Hebden
3505 Green Terrace Tattersall, Francis Lister Son 3 M Yorkshire, Hebden
3601 Green Terrace Tattersall, Christopher Head Married 60 6 M Retired postman Yorkshire, Linton
3602 Green Terrace Tattersall, Annie Martha Wife Married 50 6 F Yorkshire, Kettlewell
3701 Green Terrace Rodwell, Mary Head Widow 59 F Charwoman Yorkshire, Hebden
3801 Angle House, Green Terrace Hammond, Thomas Francis Head Married 65 6 M Retired grocer and draper Yorkshire, Hebden
3802 Angle House, Green Terrace Hammond, Ann Head Married 54 6 F Lancashire, Dalton in Furness
3901 Chapel Lane Bell, William Head Married 62 34 M Blacksmith Yorkshire, Kirkby Malham
3902 Chapel Lane Bell, Mary Jane Wife Married 58 34 F Lancashire, Lancaster
3903 Chapel Lane Bell, Thomas Son Single 20 M Labourer Yorkshire, Hebden
4001 Chapel Lane Hudson, Mary Head Widow 53 33 F Yorkshire, Appletreewick
4002 Chapel Lane Goodall, Annie Boarder Single 19 F School teacher, County Council Yorkshire, Darfield
4101 The Lilacs, Chapel Lane Atkinson, Mary Head Single 71 F London, Lambeth
4102 The Lilacs, Chapel Lane Atkinson, Louie Niece Single 32 F Trained nurse Yorkshire, Bingley
4103 The Lilacs, Chapel Lane Bailey, Lucy Thompson Companion Widow 57 F Yorkshire, Halifax
4201 Chapel Lane Longthorn, John Head Widower 78 M Stone breaker (R D Council) Yorkshire, Greenhow Hill
4301 Chapel Lane Bennett, Frances Head Widow 65 F Yorkshire, Grassington
4302 Chapel Lane Barrett, Rhoda Boarder 13 F School Yorkshire, Barnoldswick
4401 Chapel Lane Joy, Sarah Head Widow 57 F Yorkshire, Grassington
4402 Chapel Lane Joy, David Son Single 25 M Shepherd Yorkshire, Grassington
4501 Chapel Lane Hartley, Mary Head Widow 75 F Yorkshire, Bradford
4601 Chapel Lane Stobbs, George Head Married 66 39 M General labourer Yorkshire, Pateley Bridge, Holebottom
4602 Chapel Lane Stobbs, Mary Jane Wife Married 61 39 F Yorkshire, Hebden
4603 Chapel Lane Stobbs, George Son Single 28 M Auxillary rural postman, GPO Yorkshire, Hebden
4604 Chapel Lane Stobbs, Edith Daughter Single 18 F Yorkshire, Hebden
4701 Chapel Lane Stobbs, Albert Head Married 36 6 M Gardener (domestic) Yorkshire, Hebden
4702 Chapel Lane Stobbs, Alice Wife Married 35 6 F Yorkshire, High Hoyland
4703 Chapel Lane Stobbs, Frank Haywood Son 5 M Yorkshire, Hebden
4704 Chapel Lane Stobbs, Marjorie Daughter 3 F Yorkshire, Hebden
4705 Chapel Lane Stobbs, Kathleen Daughter 3 F Yorkshire, Hebden
4801 Rodwell, John Head Married 40 17 M Farmer grazing Yorkshire, Hebden
4802 Rodwell, Mary Wife Married 38 17 F Yorkshire, Sedbusk
4803 Chapel Lane Rodwell, Rhoda Daughter 13 F School Yorkshire, Hebden
4901 Ivy Cottage, Chapel Lane Watson, Joseph Frederick Head Married 49 24 M Director of Brewery Yorkshire, Cottingham
4902 Ivy Cottage, Chapel Lane Watson, Bertha Sarah Wife Married 45 24 F Yorkshire, Selby
4903 Ivy Cottage, Chapel Lane Watson, Rebecca Elizabeth Sister Single 51 F Yorkshire, Cottingham
4904 Ivy Cottage, Chapel Lane Watson, Monica Daughter Single 23 F Yorkshire, Selby
4905 Ivy Cottage, Chapel Lane Watson, Madeline Daughter Single 21 F Yorkshire, Selby
4906 Ivy Cottage, Chapel Lane Scott, Irene Niece Single 24 F Yorkshire, Selby
5001 Simpson, William Head Married 44 16 M Gamekeper Yorkshire, Aysgarth
5002 Simpson, Laura Ann Wife Married 35 16 F Yorkshire, Burneston
5003 Simpson, Mary Holmes Daughter Single 15 F Yorkshire, Buckden
5004 Simpson, Timothy Holmes Son Single 14 M Yorkshire, Buckden
5005 Simpson, Robert Son Single 12 M School Yorkshire, Aysgarth
5006 Simpson, Francis Ingham Son Single 9 M School Yorkshire, Buckden
5007 Simpson, William Herbert Son Single 7 M School Yorkshire, Buckden
5008 Simpson, Laura Annie Daughter Single 6 F School Yorkshire, Buckden
5009 Simpson, Thomas Harrison Son Single 4 M School Yorkshire, Buckden
5010 Simpson, Jack Clifford Son Single 2 M Yorkshire, Buckden
5101 Croft Farm Joy, George Head Married 38 6 M Farmer Yorkshire, Hebden
5102 Croft Farm Joy, Ada Wife Married 28 6 F Yorkshire, Hebden
5103 Croft Farm Joy, Walter Son 4 M Yorkshire, Hebden
5104 Croft Farm Joy, Bessie Daughter 1 F Yorkshire, Hebden
5201 Pickles, Stephen Head Widower 62 40 M Stone mason Yorkshire, Grassington
5301 Saxelby House Herd, Lupton John Head Married 47 22 M Farmer Yorkshire, Hebden
5302 Saxelby House Herd, Janice Wife Married 47 22 F Yorkshire, Greenhow Hill
5303 Saxelby House Herd, Beatrice Daughter Single 20 F Yorkshire, Hebden
5304 Saxelby House Herd, Gertrude Daughter Single 18 F Yorkshire, Hebden
5305 Saxelby House Herd, Florence Blanche Daughter Single 13 F School Yorkshire, Hebden
5306 Saxelby House Herd, J A Son Single 11 M School Yorkshire, Hebden
5307 Saxelby House Herd, Janie L Daughter Single 9 F School Yorkshire, Hebden
5308 Saxelby House Herd, Stephen K Son Single 6 M School Yorkshire, Hebden
5309 Saxelby House Herd, Granville Son Single 3 M Yorkshire, Hebden
5310 Saxelby House Herd, Horace Grandson Single 1 M Yorkshire, Hebden
5401 Saxelby Cottage Wiggan, Betty Head Widowed 81 43 F Yorkshire, Hebden
5501 Busfield, Andrew Head Married 27 1 M Limestone quarryman Yorkshire, Beverley
5502 Busfield, Lily Wife Married 24 1 F Yorkshire, Beverley
5503 Busfield, Thomas Son 10 mo M Yorkshire, Linton
5601 Rand, Horatio James Head Married 45 19 M Yorkshire, Bradford
5602 Rand, Margaret Gertrude Wife Married 44 19 F Essex, Dedham
5701 Beech House Shipley, Elizabeth Head Widow 66 48 F Co. Durham, Barnard Castle
5702 Beech House Shipley, Annie Granddaughter Single 19 F Yorkshire, Ramsgill
5801 Hebden Hall Metcalfe, Ann Sister Single 51 F Yorkshire, Hebden
5802 Hebden Hall Robson, Mary Servant Single 27 F General servant domestic Yorkshire, Leeds
5901 Hebden Hall Cottage Longthorn, Thomas Head Married 27 1 M General labourer on farm Yorkshire, Bewerley
5902 Hebden Hall Cottage Longthorn, Mary Ellen Wife Married 26 1 F Household duties Yorkshire, Ilkley, Langbar
6001 Manor House Masser, Louise Harriet Head Single 51 F Yorkshire, Leeds
6101 Hebden Mill Moore, Thomas Head Married 44 16 M River watcher Yorkshire, Burnsall
6102 Hebden Mill Moore, Mary Ellen Wife Married 42 16 F Yorkshire, Threshfield
6103 Hebden Mill Moore, William Son 13 M School Yorkshire, Burnsall
6104 Hebden Mill Moore, Ethel Jane Daughter 12 F School Yorkshire, Hartlington
6105 Hebden Mill Moore, Robert Bayne Son 10 M School Yorkshire, Hartlington
6106 Hebden Mill Moore, Tom Son 8 M School Yorkshire, Hebden
6107 Hebden Mill Moore, Elizabeth Daughter 6 F School Yorkshire, Hebden
6108 Hebden Mill Moore, John Brother Single 27 M Butcher Yorkshire, Hartlington
6201 Hebden Mill Mawer, William Head Married 73 41 M Stone mason Yorkshire, Deepdale
6202 Hebden Mill Ibbotson, Barbara Stepdaughter Single 52 F Housekeeper Yorkshire, Grassington
6203 Hebden Mill Mawer, Elsie Granddaughter 12 F School Yorkshire, Keighley
6204 Hebden Mill Mawer, Harry Grandson 6 M School Yorkshire, Keighley
6301 Hebden Mill Smith, Francis 79 M (Blind) Yorkshire, Malton
6302 Hebden Mill Howcutt, Oliver 43 M Chimney sweep Buckinghamshire, Mentmore
6303 Hebden Mill Wilson, Joseph 64 M Labourer in quarry Lancashire, Ulverston
6401 Rainlands Stockdale, Elizabeth Mother Widow 64 F Yorkshire, Darley
6402 Rainlands Stockdale, Richard Edgar Head Single 36 M Farmer, dairy Yorkshire, Hebden
6403 Rainlands Stockdale, Jeremiah Brother Single 32 M Farmer, dairy Yorkshire, Hebden
6404 Rainlands Bell, Augusta Servant Single 26 F Domestic servant Westmorland, Arnside
6405 Rainlands Longthorn, Thomas Servant Single 18 M Farm labourer Yorkshire, Appletreewick
6406 Rainlands Winstanley, Joseph Servant Single 28 M Farm labourer Lancashire, Pendlebury