Hebden Township Historical Data

Map of the Mines in the Bolton Gill Area in 1866

This map was produced by John Varley, a civil engineer from Skipton, for the Hebden Moor Mining Company in June 1866. It is based on the 1857 enclosure map, but with the mining company's infrastructure superimposed. All homage to Chris Foster who was able to digitise the rather tatty original.

It is particularly useful for helping to date the development of the mine, with some features such as the infrastructure of the aerial ropeway from Holebottom to Bolton Hawside being conspicuous by its absence. Nor is there any sign of the reservoir behind the portal to Bottle level. The map also includes surveys of Bottle Level, Charger Level, and Langshaw Level, but not Top Level.

You should be able to use your mouse to zoom in and out and pan round the image. You can display the map as a simple image and then download it, but be warned - it's over 50 Mb!