Hebden Township Historical Data

1846 Map of Hebden (north-east)

Tithes, originally one tenth of annual produce or earnings, were paid to the church, although after the Reformation some tithes finished up in the hands of individuals. The Tithes Commutation Act of 1836 abolished payment of goods in kind, and assigned an annual monetary value to each landholding which the landowner would then pay. Its implementation was entrusted to a three man commission, and a survey was undertaken throughout the country to record all landholdings and their values, resulting in the equivalence of a 19th century Domesday Book. The total tithe payable on Hebden properties was £50 (the equivalent of about £5,800 today), and this was apportioned according to the estimated values of the landholdings. The Hebden Tithe Map and Apportionment was undertaken by John Job Rawlinson (1798-1864), a Barrister at Law from Graythwaite Hall in Lancashire. It was completed in July 1846. The original map was given to the Tithe Commission, and that is now held in the National Archives. A copy was given to the Parish, and that is now held by the North Yorkshire County Council Records Office in Northallerton. A second copy was deposited with the diocesan registrar.

You should be able to use your mouse to zoom in and out and pan round the image. The map is on two sheets, and the sheet that covers the south-west part of the township may be found here. The numbers on the map are associated with individual properties, which may be found described here.