Hebden Township Historical Data

Hebden 1672 Hearth Tax

A Seventeenth Century Hearth at Scar Top
A Seventeenth Century Hearth at Scar Top

The hearth tax, also known as hearth money, chimney tax, or chimney money, was a tax imposed by Parliament in 1662, to support the Royal Household of King Charles II. Following the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660, Parliament calculated that the Royal Household needed an annual income of £1,200,000. The hearth tax was a supplemental tax to make up the shortfall. It was considered easier to establish the number of hearths than the number of heads, hearths forming a more stationary subject for taxation than people.

One shilling was liable to be paid by the occupier for every firehearth or stove, in all dwellings, houses, edifices or lodgings, and was payable at Michaelmas, 29 September and on Lady Day, 25 March. The tax thus amounted to two shillings per hearth or stove per year.

This is the 1672 assessment for Hebden. One house was exempt on account of poverty. The last column has been added by the editor to allow the names to be sorted into alphabetic order.

Name No of Hearths Chargeable Surname, First Name
Antho Younge 1 chargeable Younge, Anthony
Richard Constantine 1 chargeable Constantine, Richard
Richard Constantine 1 chargeable Constantine, Richard
Adam Lofthouse 1 chargeable Lofthouse, Adam
Robert Wray 1 chargeable Wray, Robert
Willm Kidd 1 chargeable Kidd, William
Thomas Rathmell 2 chargeable Rathmell, Thomas
John Browne 1 chargeable Browne, John
Jane Topham 1 chargeable Topham, Jane
Robert Topham 2 chargeable Topham, Robert
Thomas Topham 1 chargeable Topham, Thomas
Henry Bland 1 chargeable Bland, Henry
George Wray 1 chargeable Wray, George
Peter Bland 2 chargeable Bland, Peter
John Ibbotson 1 chargeable Ibbotson, John
Willm Topham 2 chargeable Topham, William
James Ibbotson 2 chargeable Ibbotson, James
Richard Tennant 1 chargeable Tennant, Richard
Geo Browne 1 chargeable Browne, George
Robert Layland 2 chargeable Layland, Robert
George Knight 1 chargeable Knight, George
Robert Rothwell 1 chargeable Rothwell, Robert
Anthony Ibbotson 2 chargeable Ibbotson, Anthony
Richard Stainforth 1 chargeable Stainforth, Richard
Robert Simpson 1 chargeable Simpson, Robert
William Fletcher 2 chargeable Fletcher, William
John Layland 1 chargeable Layland, John
William Lupton 1 chargeable Lupton, William
Lyonell Franckland 2 chargeable Franckland, Lyonell
Thomas Younge 2 chargeable Younge, Thomas
William Kidd 2 chargeable Kidd, William
Widd Verrity 1 chargeable Verrity, Widow
Robert Kidd 1 chargeable Kidd, Robert
John Horner 1 chargeable Horner, John
Thomas Fletcher 1 chargeable Fletcher, Thomas
Robert Ibbotson 1 chargeable Ibbotson, Robert
(Omitted by reason of poverty) 1 not chargeable